CARFAX saved me from a costly mistake

I was going to buy a low milage Expedition in excellant condition. I ran a CARFAX which showed the car was last smogged with over 200,000 miles on it and … Read more

Taking a Test Dive


Before You Drive: Start by adjusting the steering wheel, mirrors and seats for optimum visibility and comfort. Sometimes the seller will roll the windows down, turn on the radio and … Read more

CARFAX saved me from making a costly mistake

My wife and I purchased a 5 vehicle CARFAX package when we decided to get her a new car. I’m sure glad we did, the dealers choices were mostly northern … Read more

What’s a Salvage Title?

What's a Salvaged Title?

Millions of vehicles are issued salvage titles in the United States every year. Many of these cars are repaired and sold, sometimes by sellers who fail to report, or try … Read more

Curbstoning: How to Protect Yourself


Curbstoning is selling a car that doesn’t belong to you, or a private party who buys and sells cars like a dealer, but without a license. This practice is illegal … Read more