“Purchasing the CARFAX helped me save thousands of dollars on a damaged vehicle.”

I was looking for a new used car, and I was almost ready to buy a 2009 Grand Caravan. The seller provided me with a vehicle history report that was … Read more

“It’s a small cost compared to the cost of a bad car.”


My oldest son totaled his car in March of this year, and needed to find a new one as quickly as possible. He looked on Craigslist and found one he … Read more

“Thank you CARFAX for the wonderful information you provide!”


I have always wanted a convertible, and after many years I finally found a beautiful Mercedes E320 Cabriolet. The seller was asking way below book, which made me wonder if … Read more

“The small amount I paid for 5 CARFAX Reports was well worth it!”


I found a Honda Accord listed in the paper for $12,900 along with a VIN number. I used that to look up the car in a CARFAX Report and found … Read more

CARFAX helped me sell my old car AND buy a new one!


CARFAX helped me sell my car and buy another. I had a 2004 Jeep Cherokee that I had kept in very good condition and it had very low miles for … Read more

“We will never buy a car without getting a CARFAX Report.”


I have used CARFAX for several years, and never buy a new car without one. Most recently, I was looking at a very nice 2000 Lincoln LS with only 50,000 … Read more

CARFAX helped me weed out cars with bad histories and helped me find a great one!


I was replacing an older convertible that had passed 300,000 miles, and had been looking for over two months. Since convertibles are typically built low to the ground, the risk … Read more

The CARFAX saved me thousands in taxes alone!

As a Canadian, CARFAX is critical to the car shopping experience because of the distances involved. One can get all the information about the car through CARFAX, and all the … Read more

CARFAX helped me negotiate and get a better deal on my cars!

Due to a series of unfortunate events I found myself having to buy two used cars in two weeks. CARFAX allowed me to narrow the field of available cars very … Read more

CARFAX gave me the vehicle history I needed to save me from overpaying.

I had located the perfect car, even the color I wanted but the seller was asking top dollar.  It was a 6 hour drive, so I wanted to be sure … Read more

CARFAX let us know it was a good deal

My wife and I love convertibles and since we are getting close to retirement age we wanted to add a convertible with front wheel drive for bad winter driving. We … Read more

I may have paid $34.99, but I saved thousands

I am so so happy and lucky to [have] used CARFAX, yes I have paid for the service ($34.99), but I have saved thousands of $$$$. My story starts when I was looking … Read more

CARFAX Makes Buying Much More Relaxed and Pleasant

I recently bought a used truck that was purchased through a closed bid auction.  It was sourced from a construction company as they turned part of their fleet over.  The … Read more

CARFAX Is Easy to Use

I used CARFAX recently to buy myself a pickup and to help my daughter buy her first car on her own; both times CARFAX saved us a lot of money … Read more

$35 Is Nothing Compared to $7,000

I had finally found a car that I was interested in, and called to inquire about it at the used car dealership. After having already found a few cars with … Read more

Got My Subaru STI

I had been looking for a Subaru STI for months, but as winter approached I become much more serious about the prospect and since the cars are  in popular demand … Read more

CARFAX Helped Me Not Buy a Truck

I can can tell you how CARFAX helped me not buy a truck. I have been looking for a small truck so I purchased the [5-report CARFAX package service] thru AAA. … Read more

Aloha CARFAX – I Had it Backwards

I’ve learned to not even go look at a car/truck until I had first run the CARFAX as a great way to save my valuable time. I spent 10 months … Read more

Went Looking For a Car For My Daughter, But Left With One For Me!

I started looking on AutoTrader.com for a low mileage Honda Civic as a replacement for a Focus my daughter had just totaled, but no cars fit the bill. All had … Read more

I Wasn’t Sure I Wanted to Spend the Money

I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the fee for the CARFAX, but I’m sure glad I did. The first car I looked at, a 2003 Chevy Impala, looked clean, … Read more

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