CARFAX helped me find a car free of odometer rollbacks.


I bought my 1996 Impala after extensive use of CARFAX. I used it to evaluate price vs. mileage vs. car history. I was almost fooled by low mileage vehicles several … Read more

“CARFAX is a must and worth every penny!”

We were looking for a used vehicle for our 16-year old daughter; nothing fancy, but a reliable car that would get to and from school. She looked at all the … Read more

“CARFAX saved the day by providing the true mileage.”


We wanted our son’s first driving experience to be enjoyable, not filled with the frustration of breakdowns and expensive repairs. We wanted the vehicle to be used, but reliable. CARFAX … Read more

Without CARFAX I would have been tricked by an odometer rollback.

My story started when I needed to buy my wife a used car. We bought a five check CARFAX, just in case the car that she wanted didn’t work out. … Read more

CARFAX saved me from a costly mistake

I was going to buy a low milage Expedition in excellant condition. I ran a CARFAX which showed the car was last smogged with over 200,000 miles on it and … Read more

We were amazed that a significant number of cars had odometer rollbacks

CARFAX helped us NOT buy a car!  In the month’s membership we located a number of cars that we thought were good possibilities, and spoke with the owners or took the cars … Read more

The CARFAX scared the scammer into giving my money back

Well, thanks to CARFAX I was able to get out of a purchase of a car that on the dashboard [read] 72,000 miles, but when I checked the CARFAX history … Read more

CARFAX saved me from a costly mistake

I was looking for a Landrover and found one I thought fit my price range and mileage. I was ready to drive 50 miles to a dealer to test drive … Read more

CARFAX saved us from buying a headache

CARFAX saved us from buying a junk! It looked like as great car [with] decent mileage for the year, nice looking body and very clean. A CARFAX report told us … Read more

$38.00 well spent

I want to thank CARFAX for [their] excellent information on a 2008 Buick Lacross that I was going to purchase and thanks to CARFAX it showed that the car was … Read more

We thought we had found “that” car until we ran a CARFAX

My son and I were looking to buy a used car that was inexpensive but in good condition and reliable. We thought we had found that car from a local … Read more

I’m sold on CARFAX and won’t buy another used car without it

I was looking for a truck on Craigslist and found what I thought was a decent deal.  To be sure I invested the money in a CARFAX report. [I'm] glad … Read more

I saved money and got the car I wanted

I was just about to buy a 1995 honda accord for $3,200. The owner said it had 83,000 miles on it. I was going to buy it, then I just … Read more

It could have been in a huge mess had it not been for CARFAX

Last month, I drove from my town of Tampa, FL to Kissimmee, FL, approximately 70 miles, to view a 2001 Mercedes Benz S430. After driving the car I decided it ran … Read more

Without CARFAX we would have had a “dead on arrival” car

We found [an] ad for [a] Honda Pilot on Craigslist. it seemed perfect for the price, with excellent paint, DVD screens in the headrests and only 62,000 miles on it. … Read more

Red Flags From My iPhone

I use CARFAX every time I am close to making a purchase [, and] very recently [on] an RV that checked out perfectly. However this one time, CARFAX saved me … Read more

I Learned a Valuable Lesson – Get the CARFAX

My wife and I had just had our second child, and money was very tight, as my wife lost her job four months ago. We owned a regular cab pickup … Read more

CARFAX Pays For Itself

I had been searching for a small economical car and ordered a CARFAX on a vehicle listed on Craig’s List in our area.  I had spoken with the seller regarding … Read more

CARFAX Saved Me From A Salvaged Car

I was searching the San Diego Craigslist for a used car, and I saw a 1989 Bronco II for 1500 dollars. The seller wrote that it only had 82,000 original miles … Read more

The Seller’s Story Didn’t Match the CARFAX Report

I found a vehicle of interest for the family, a Honda Odyssey. The seller revealed that the car had been in a small wreck in the front, but no airbags … Read more

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