CARFAX saved me from making a bad purchase.

I haven’t found a car yet, but CARFAX helped immensely, allowing me to discover that a car I had been looking at had been salvaged. It was all laid out … Read more

I found out that the car was a salvaged vehicle

I was recently looking for a car for our college student.  I found a car for sale that looked really great. The woman who was selling it was telling me … Read more

CARFAX helped me steer away from a salvaged car

CARFAX helped by showing me a problem with the car of interest.  It had been declared totaled at one time and the present  owner did not have a “salvage” title … Read more

The SUV sounded good until I ran the VIN

[I was] looking for an SUV for my son to get back and forth to school.  [I] Found one I was going to drive an hour to check out. I … Read more

Why Did I Not Check the CARFAX Before Buying?

I recently bought a car, and while doing the paperwork for the licenses, they asked me about the CARFAX report. They needed it because the title said it was rebuilt; … Read more

$35 Is Nothing Compared to $7,000

I had finally found a car that I was interested in, and called to inquire about it at the used car dealership. After having already found a few cars with … Read more

CARFAX Saved Me From A Salvaged Car

I was searching the San Diego Craigslist for a used car, and I saw a 1989 Bronco II for 1500 dollars. The seller wrote that it only had 82,000 original miles … Read more

The CR-V turned out to have a salvage title!

My sister asked me to help her find a late model Honda CR-V for her husband, it was going to be a suprise 70th birthday present for him and also … Read more

It Was Declared a “Total Loss”

My son had been saving his money for years to buy his first car when he got his license. The day finally came, and we were both very excited to … Read more

Without the CARFAX, I Would Have Made the Purchase

I have been looking for a good car for my wife for the past six months since we are expecting our first child this December. Being our first child, the … Read more

Also Still Looking

I needed a car before going to college. I was looking at Scion TC’s from individual sellers, but there were very few available in my price range. I live in … Read more

Purchased Without CARFAX and Then. . .

I went to a local car auction, for the first time last month. The vehicle we had our eye on, was over our budget, and did not sell in the … Read more

My Scion Xb Story, No Longer Spinning My Wheels

There I was, innocently needing to buy a car. I hoped for the best, yet know there is a road paved with the best intentions. I shopped all available sources … Read more

Almost Bought a Salvaged Ford Expedition

We had had phone conversations with the owner, and could not believe the price that he was selling the vehicle for. The vehicle was a top-of-the-line Ford Expedition, Eddie Bauer … Read more

Who Wants a Totaled Car? Not Me!

My CARFAX subscription was well worth it’s cost as I learned that the car I was interested in had been previously totaled!  Thank you, CARFAX!  Then [I] found another car, … Read more

Always Trust in the “Dad-sense”

Thank you CARFAX. Your information protected my nineteen-year-old step-daughter from a very shady deal. She had been saving for over a year to buy a car. She’d been searching for … Read more

Used CARFAX Before and Will Use Again

I used CARFAX several years ago when purchasing a used car, so I knew the service was reliable. Since I was looking for another used car, I decided to purchase … Read more

Fourth Time’s the Charm

I did use CARFAX to purchase our most recent car. In regards to potential cars we were interested in the CARFAX reports turned out as follows: 1st) Odometer Rollback 2nd) … Read more

Saved From Buying an Unsafe Car!

We were doing a job out of the country (Honduras) that was to last several months. Good rentals were hard to come by and when you could find one they … Read more

Glad I Ran the CARFAX Before the Sale Was Completed

I can’t thank you enough for your service. A month ago my wife and I decided to buy a used Ford Explorer Sport Trac after many months of searching Craigslist … Read more

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