“I’m very thankful for CARFAX.”


I’m very thankful for CARFAX. I was looking for a new car, and through the CARFAX Report I discovered that the odometer in the 2006 Toyota Highlander I had purchased … Read more

CARFAX saved me from a costly mistake

I was going to buy a low milage Expedition in excellant condition. I ran a CARFAX which showed the car was last smogged with over 200,000 miles on it and … Read more

CARFAX saved us from buying a headache

CARFAX saved us from buying a junk! It looked like as great car [with] decent mileage for the year, nice looking body and very clean. A CARFAX report told us … Read more

Be extra careful when you can’t easily view the car yourself

I had been looking for a Dodge Challenger for a while, [and] I found one with 1,100 miles so I contacted a guy named Danile Boyd. He said he was … Read more

If it’s too good to be true, beware

This is my story of the car of my dreams that thanks to CARFAX I didn’t get because it was a scam. I found a 2010 Maserati Gran Turismo convertible on … Read more

CARFAX helped me steer away from a salvaged car

CARFAX helped by showing me a problem with the car of interest.  It had been declared totaled at one time and the present  owner did not have a “salvage” title … Read more

Without CARFAX we would have had a “dead on arrival” car

We found [an] ad for [a] Honda Pilot on Craigslist. it seemed perfect for the price, with excellent paint, DVD screens in the headrests and only 62,000 miles on it. … Read more

The SUV sounded good until I ran the VIN

[I was] looking for an SUV for my son to get back and forth to school.  [I] Found one I was going to drive an hour to check out. I … Read more

I Learned a Valuable Lesson – Get the CARFAX

My wife and I had just had our second child, and money was very tight, as my wife lost her job four months ago. We owned a regular cab pickup … Read more

CARFAX Pays For Itself

I had been searching for a small economical car and ordered a CARFAX on a vehicle listed on Craig’s List in our area.  I had spoken with the seller regarding … Read more

CARFAX Saved Me From A Salvaged Car

I was searching the San Diego Craigslist for a used car, and I saw a 1989 Bronco II for 1500 dollars. The seller wrote that it only had 82,000 original miles … Read more

The Seller’s Story Didn’t Match the CARFAX Report

I found a vehicle of interest for the family, a Honda Odyssey. The seller revealed that the car had been in a small wreck in the front, but no airbags … Read more

It Was Declared a “Total Loss”

My son had been saving his money for years to buy his first car when he got his license. The day finally came, and we were both very excited to … Read more

Without the CARFAX, I Would Have Made the Purchase

I have been looking for a good car for my wife for the past six months since we are expecting our first child this December. Being our first child, the … Read more

Zeroed in on a Honda Civic

I was planning to buy a Honda/Toyota and my budget was within $6,000. I saw a couple of cars, both were really good externally and [drove well]. I was about … Read more

Don’t Even Try to Scam Me

I found a 2009 GMC Sierra for sale on a vacant lot here in Sikeston, Mo. I called the number and the owner’s son came to let me drive it. … Read more

Good Thing I Decided to Check the Report

I had purchased the 5 pack option in preparation [of purchasing a] RV. I found the perfect unit online and began negotiations with the seller. I live on Vancouver Island and the … Read more

Saved from a Waste of Time

I was in the market for a low mileage Acura TL when I ran across what appeared to be a good deal on Craigslist. The car was listed as being … Read more

What does a scam smell like? This!

Ive used CARFAX before and had great results. I love your service it gives some measure of peace about a decision. In this last case you helped me sniff out … Read more

Buying for my 16 year old, so I had to do the homework

Carfax was a big help to me, it actually saved me from a scammer. I was amazed how many scams were being perpetrated on Craigslist. Since I was using Carfax, … Read more

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