“Thank you CARFAX for saving us from a disastrous mistake!”

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My husband found a beautiful 2009 Chevy 2500 HD at an auction and wanted to bid. The truck had a lot of great features, and even had new tires! We … Read more

The CARFAX Report allowed me to see service was needed on a car after I purchased it.


Although I did not get a CARFAX Report until after I bought a used car, the report still saved me money. I was able to look at the service history … Read more

“Because of the CARFAX Report I left with all my hard earned money and didn’t get scammed.”


I frequently buy and sell cars off of Craigslist, and I came across a good deal on a BMW Coupe. The car details and asking price were way too good … Read more

Along with a CARFAX you should get your potential vehicle inspected

I found several trucks that I was interested in, and used CARFAX to determine which histories were safer. I discovered that dealerships often have major work done at offsite facilities … Read more

CARFAX helped me find the right truck thanks to the recall information they provide.

Thanks to CARFAX I knew what to look for on recalls and problems with certain model trucks and SUV’s. One model specifically made me look under the vehicle to see … Read more

The CARFAX revealed a great car history!

This story is a bit unusual. My daughter’s next door neighbor had a stroke at the early age of 54. Her family held off making any changes, including selling her … Read more

Buying a Car For Your Teenager


With summer break coming to a close, many parents are thinking about buying a car for their high school and college students before they go back to school. If you’re … Read more

The Smartbuyer Checklist suggested what to look for while inspecting the car

I recently purchased a CARFAX package to research backrounds on a Volvo model. Since I had little experience with Volvo the CARFAX info was critical. Having looked at over 12 … Read more

CARFAX helped me find a better truck

CARFAX allowed me to know in advance what I needed to know about the vehicle I was searching for. Furthermore, the emails that CARFAX sent allowed me to find a … Read more