How to buy a used car without going nuts

There’s so much to do when you’re shopping for a car on a site like Craigslist, it’s almost enough to make you crazy. Here’s how to minimize stress.

5 tips when shopping for a used car

Hornell Evening Tribune

Also obtain a Carfax report to find out a car’s history and, if buying from a private party, ask for complete service records.

Flood Waters May Be Receding, But Flood-Damaged Car Scams Are On The Rise

Family Car Guide

The old adage of “Buyer, beware” holds doubly true when it comes to the torrent of flood-damaged vehicles that may be hitting the market in your area.

Buyer Beware, as Damaged Cars from Tropical Storm Irene May Soon Arrive on Dealer Lots

The New York Times

Damaged cars and trucks from cities and towns affected by the storm are likely to make their way to auto auctions across the country.

In wake of Irene, fresh load of flood-damaged cars to hit the market

Now that Hurricane Irene’s floodwaters have receded, auto industry experts are warning consumers about a second deluge: Tens of thousands of waterlogged wrecks are about to hit the used-car market.