“CARFAX is well worth the time and money spent.”

Date posted: November 27, 2012

I managed to locate a pretty rare pickup truck a few hours from where I live. When I determined that it was the truck for me, I decided I’d invest in a CARFAX Report. I purchased the 5 Report package and I learned so much! I gathered reports on a few vehicles, and then finally on my dream truck. The CARFAX not only told me it had a clean record, but also that it was valued OVER blue book! On top of that, it showed all service and maintenance records, one of which occured in my hometown! Amazing! I was tickled pink. That weekend I traveled the few hours to pick up my truck, and bought it with confidence. CARFAX is well worth the time and money spent–a crucial and necessary tool for buying.

-Jacob W.

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