“Thanks to CARFAX we are now the proud owners of a good, clean car.”


My husband and I were looking to buy a used car with low mileage, but just weren’t sure about the history of the ones we shortlisted. So we bought an … Read more

“Thanks to CARFAX I found a beautiful car that fit my needs and my budget perfectly!”


Earlier this year I was involved in an accident, leaving my car totaled. I went to a used car dealer who tried to sell me a Cadillac Catera. I left … Read more

“The small amount I paid for 5 CARFAX Reports was well worth it!”


I found a Honda Accord listed in the paper for $12,900 along with a VIN number. I used that to look up the car in a CARFAX Report and found … Read more

CARFAX made it easy to see whether or not a car has had flood damage.


I had such good luck with my first experience with CARFAX that I decided to use it again. I had searched for months for a 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner. All of … Read more

CARFAX saved me from purchasing a flooded vehicle.


I was looking for a 2005 Acura TSX, and I found two of them. The cars were identical, but they were from two different dealerships and were both two different … Read more

“CARFAX saved us from what could have been a very costly mistake.”


We were about to go see a Volkswagen Passat we had been looking at online. We ran a CARFAX Report on it only to discover that he had only owned … Read more

CARFAX saved me from buying a car that had been in two floods.

2009 F-150 King Ranch 001

I was in the market for a used truck. I found exactly what I was looking for and decided to go look at it. The truck was a 2009 Ford … Read more

CARFAX helped me make a final decision quickly and with confidence.


I was involved in a car accident a few weeks back and my Honda Civic got totaled. Thankfully no one was injured. However, as a college student with a busy … Read more

CARFAX saved me from buying a car that had been totaled.


I was looking to purchase a small, economical vehicle. I sifted through a lot of different choices, but a lot of them looked too good to be true. I got … Read more

CARFAX helped me find the perfect car!


I had a 2005 Hyundai Tucson that I loved, and took very good care of. Unfortunately it was in an accident and got completely totaled. When I started looking for … Read more

CARFAX helped me sell my old car AND buy a new one!


CARFAX helped me sell my car and buy another. I had a 2004 Jeep Cherokee that I had kept in very good condition and it had very low miles for … Read more

We are very grateful for CARFAX!


My husband and I were seeking a replacement vehicle for our Chrysler Pacifica that had just been totaled. We fell in love with a low-mileage Lincoln Towncar with loads of … Read more

CARFAX was a small amount of money for peace of mind.


I was looking at a 1999 GMC truck that only had 68,718 miles on it. I was surprised by the low mileage, and wanted to ensure that it was correct. … Read more

Because of CARFAX I never had to worry about any hidden surprises.


I had made up my mind that I wanted a Subaru. Most of the ones I looked at were just over my budget. I finally found a Forester that was … Read more

“Thank you CARFAX! You saved me!”


Thank you CARFAX! You saved me! I was looking on Craigslist at a 2006 Toyota Tacoma truck with 62,000 miles. After connecting with the seller, I had him text me … Read more

CARFAX saved me from driving 300 miles and from buying a damaged vehicle.


I was looking for a used car for my son and found a really nice-looking, low mileage Chrysler Crossfire online. I called the owner, and he gave me nothing but … Read more

“We will never buy a car without getting a CARFAX Report.”


I have used CARFAX for several years, and never buy a new car without one. Most recently, I was looking at a very nice 2000 Lincoln LS with only 50,000 … Read more

“Thanks to CARFAX we made the most informed choice possible.”

My Camry

My young family and I recently moved to the US from Fiji, and were in desperate need of a vehicle. I was very tempted to buy the first vehicle I … Read more

The CARFAX Report helped me, AND the previous owner.


I found a 2009 BMW 528xi that looked awesome and I felt the person I was going to buy it from was trustworthy and honest. He said the car came … Read more

CARFAX helped me avoid buying a car with a bad history.


We were looking to replace my Jeep Grand Cherokee with another SUV. I was looking for a Ford Escape AWD. I went to one dealer that had what I was … Read more

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