CARFAX showed that the Corvette I wanted was clean, so I bought it!

'95 Vette 002

I met a gentleman at the local carwash and we started talking about our cars. He said he had a ’95 Corvette that he bought new with 25,000 miles on … Read more

Without the CARFAX Report I never would have known about the damage on my vehicle.

2004 Chevy Cavalier

I stopped at a used car lot over the winter, after seeing a beautiful Victory Red 2004 Chevy Cavalier LS Sport. I test drove it around the block and it … Read more

CARFAX gave me the peace of mind to travel from Chicago to Arizona to purchase my new truck.


After a minor car accident, I was in the market for a new vehicle. I had previously owned a Ford Excursion and was very happy with it. I started my … Read more

The CARFAX Report proved the history the former owner gave us was accurate.


When my husband’s car completely broke down we needed a car, and quick! We went looking and found that our local neighborhood car dealer had just gotten a used Toyota … Read more

Without CARFAX I would have bought a car with more issues than I was looking for.

Photo on 2013-04-06 at 07.31

I had been looking for an older 740 BMW for roughly a year, so when I finally found one that sparked my interest I signed up for the 5 CARFAX … Read more

CARFAX helped me pick a vehicle that would be dependable and last a long time.


After years of hanging on by a thread my old truck finally died, which meant I had to buy another one. Not being able to afford a new pickup, I … Read more

CARFAX helped me buy my car with confidence.

03lexus 03es300

When my 16-year old Audi finally died, my search for a new car shifted into high gear. I spent a lot of time online searching various sites and being picky … Read more

CARFAX revealed the true mileage, which made my decision an easy one.


Last summer while looking for a used car I found a nice-looking ’99 Tahoe at a small dealership. I drove the truck and the dealer assured me that the 135,000 … Read more

CARFAX was a huge help!


Our daughter was ready to buy her first car. We wanted to be sure she spent her money wisely, so we signed up for one month of CARFAX. It was … Read more

The clean CARFAX gave me peace of mind.


I had been using public transportation for 3 years in order to save enough to buy a vehicle. I originally had my mind set on a used PT Cruiser. The … Read more

CARFAX Helped me Sell my Car!


CARFAX helped me sell my car! After weeks of advertising my 2002 Saab 9-5 Aero without so much as a nibble, I invested in the CARFAX Report on my own … Read more

CARFAX gave me the confidence to buy a great truck, despite its high mileage.


I spotted a truck I really liked while driving past a used car lot. I went in to talk about the truck with the dealer, and he said it had … Read more

CARFAX helped me to quickly sell my car!


CARFAX helped me sell my car very quickly! When my Dad passed away he left his pickup truck to me, which meant I no longer needed my 1994 Park Avenue, … Read more

“In a nut shell, CARFAX gave me peace of mind.”

In a nut shell, CARFAX gave me peace of mind. I had done all of my research in looking for a safe and quality vehicle for my 16-year old daughter. … Read more

“CARFAX is a must and worth every penny!”

We were looking for a used vehicle for our 16-year old daughter; nothing fancy, but a reliable car that would get to and from school. She looked at all the … Read more

CARFAX gave me the peace of mind to buy a car from long distance.


I never purchased a used car without seeing it first until recently. I had been searching for the perfect 2011 Mustang GT for quite a while using online car shopping … Read more

CARFAX helped me weed out cars with bad histories and helped me find a great one!


I was replacing an older convertible that had passed 300,000 miles, and had been looking for over two months. Since convertibles are typically built low to the ground, the risk … Read more

CARFAX gave us the peace of mind to buy a car with high mileage.

first home

We hunted for weeks for a bright yellow Xterra to replace the one we just lost to some black ice. We ultimately found one that had a lot of miles … Read more

CARFAX helped me avoid buying a potentially flood-damaged vehicle.

2008 HighLander Side

I was concerned about buying a used car that may have been involved in Hurricane Sandy flooding, and CARFAX gave me the peace of mind to know I was making … Read more

Since this experience, I have never bought another car without a CARFAX Report.


We were looking hard for our son’s first car. We were willing to spend about $2,500 if everything checked out. We finally found at 1996 Toyota Corolla with about 150,000 … Read more

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