CARFAX helped me buy and sell my truck.


I have used CARFAX for years when purchasing high end cars for personal use. Used trucks are run hard and usually have high mileage. After an extensive search, I found … Read more

CARFAX helped me find an open recall I wouldn’t have found.


We bought a 2007 Kia Optima in December 2012 with an open recall listed on the CARFAX Report. The dealer called a local Kia dealer and found exactly what the … Read more

CARFAX helped me find an open recall on my vehicle.

2009 Dodge Ram Laramie

I have run CARFAX Reports on all of my vehicles. My mistake is that I always run them after I purchase the vehicle. This was the case with the 2010 … Read more

“CARFAX saved the day by providing the true mileage.”


We wanted our son’s first driving experience to be enjoyable, not filled with the frustration of breakdowns and expensive repairs. We wanted the vehicle to be used, but reliable. CARFAX … Read more

The CARFAX Report allowed me to see service was needed on a car after I purchased it.


Although I did not get a CARFAX Report until after I bought a used car, the report still saved me money. I was able to look at the service history … Read more

“CARFAX gave me the opportunity to buy myself the car that I needed.”


Coming from another country, it was my dream to own an All-American V8 car. I was really anxious about the whole process because it was my first car ever. I … Read more

“I will never buy another car without using CARFAX.”


In January of last year I purchased a 2000 Mercury Sable LS Premium with a little over 54,000 miles on it. I did not get a CARFAX Report on it. … Read more

CARFAX helped me feel confident in my purchase.


I was looking to buy a Subaru WRX, and had purchased a five CARFAX Report package in preparation for multiple car comparisons. I ran several cars through the process, and … Read more

“Because of the CARFAX Report I left with all my hard earned money and didn’t get scammed.”


I frequently buy and sell cars off of Craigslist, and I came across a good deal on a BMW Coupe. The car details and asking price were way too good … Read more

My CARFAX Report provided valuable information about open recalls.


I bought a 1996 Volvo from an independent garage who specializes in Volvos. Prior to completing my purchase I told the garage owner about the open recalls I had learned … Read more

My open recall was fixed easily and quickly, and CARFAX gave me peace of mind.


I bought a 2003 Honda Civic, and the seller told me that there was an open recall regarding the headlight switch. He said he hadn’t fixed it because he didn’t … Read more

“I would not even consider buying a used car without a CARFAX Report.”


I was looking at a lot of used Subaru Outbacks and wanted to make sure that none of them were previously owned by a rental car company, had a maximum … Read more

“Thanks to CARFAX I feel more comfortable with my purchase.


CARFAX saved me from making a huge mistake. My son and I were looking for a Mustang GT for him. We found a beautiful 2007 on a lot with only … Read more

The CARFAX Report let me know exactly what I was getting into.


I got a CARFAX Report on a Subaru Impreza, and ended up buying it. The CARFAX was helpful and it let me know exactly what I was getting into. The … Read more

“The CARFAX Report was money well spent.”


I was looking for a truck for work when I decided to get a CARFAX Report. I live in Connecticut and I was looking at a truck in Florida, and … Read more

“CARFAX is well worth the time and money spent.”

I managed to locate a pretty rare pickup truck a few hours from where I live. When I determined that it was the truck for me, I decided I’d invest … Read more

CARFAX helped me sort through lemons to find the right car.

I was in the market for a minivan for almost 6 months. I located multiple minivans through dealers and private parties. The prices were right and appeared to be deals, … Read more

CARFAX has helped out my family time and time again.

The first time my family used CARFAX was in 2010. My son had decided to buy a BMW, so we bought the 3-CARFAX Report package to not only check out … Read more

“CARFAX saved me from buying costly RV’s that had a damage history.”

After searching the classifieds for motorhomes I found one that was a perfect fit for us. CARFAX was my first stop after the primary phone call to the seller. The … Read more

“I will never buy a car without a CARFAX Report.”

CARFAX has saved me from buying cars that have been wrecked and doctored up, and cars that have had their odometers rolled back. CARFAX also eliminates scammers. It has happened … Read more

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