CARFAX saved me from making a bad purchase.

I haven’t found a car yet, but CARFAX helped immensely, allowing me to discover that a car I had been looking at had been salvaged. It was all laid out … Read more

The CARFAX mobile app saved me from buying a bad car.

I was looking for a Honda Pilot SUV and I found a very good deal on one for sale by owner. The first thing I always do for most of … Read more

“CARFAX helped me pick out the honest seller from the not-so-honest.”

I wanted to sell my 2 door car to get a bigger one. I knew it had a clean title, and with the help of CARFAX I could prove it. … Read more

CARFAX gave me the confidence to buy a car in another state.

I found an SUV in another state and used CARFAX to run a history report on it. The service records provided by CARFAX at the dealership were instrumental in my … Read more

CARFAX quickly fixed a mistake on my car’s report.

My CARFAX story involves selling a car. When we took the car to the dealer they pulled up the CARFAX sheet for it and pointed out that we’d had an … Read more

CARFAX helped us find a good, reliable car!

Recently we were looking for a car to take over as our “family weekend car.” Something reliable, safe, and well maintained. After looking at many cars and not trusting the … Read more

CARFAX helped me find the car I was looking for, accident free!

CARFAX has given me an edge when purchasing and selling vehicles on multiple occasions. Recently I purchased a 2008 Subaru Legacy. Throughout my search I found many Subaru’s that were … Read more

Thanks to CARFAX I learned about title washing

I was recently looking to buy a 1998-2000 Honda Civic. I ran across a really nice 1998 Civic that looked like it was in perfect condition inside and out. It … Read more

CARFAX is worth every penny!

I recently bought a minivan and purchased both CARFAX and Autocheck to get information on the vehicles that I was considering buying. The info from CARFAX is so much more … Read more

Along with a CARFAX you should get your potential vehicle inspected

I found several trucks that I was interested in, and used CARFAX to determine which histories were safer. I discovered that dealerships often have major work done at offsite facilities … Read more

“CARFAX is definitely worth its value for peace of mind.”

I was looking to sell  a car, and found someone who offered to make a trade with a small cash payment. I didn’t want to have another problem vehicle, so … Read more

CARFAX gave me the confidence to buy a car from across the country!

I was looking to buy a 2007 Saturn Sky Redline model. I searched nationwide for the right model and color using various websites. Within a few weeks I narrowed my … Read more

CARFAX helped me find a good car for my nephew.

I have used CARFAX on several occasions. On one of these occasions I purchased a 2000 Mazda B3000 truck from a used car dealer about 1 hour from my home. … Read more

The CARFAX Unlimited Package helped us buy a car with confidence.

We were looking to buy my son a used car when he suggested we purchase the unlimited CARFAX package. We looked at 30 cars using their license plates, and 24 … Read more

CARFAX saved us from making a grave mistake.

CARFAX saved us from making a grave mistake. We were looking for a Ford Mustang for our daughter-in-law, and we found a great clean-looking car in the right price range. … Read more

The Car and the CARFAX Were Too Good to Pass Up!

My Toyota Corrola was 7 months away from coming off lease. I had never leased a care before so I wanted to find out what my options were. I stopped … Read more

The CARFAX saved me thousands in taxes alone!

As a Canadian, CARFAX is critical to the car shopping experience because of the distances involved. One can get all the information about the car through CARFAX, and all the … Read more

CARFAX helped me negotiate and get a better deal on my cars!

Due to a series of unfortunate events I found myself having to buy two used cars in two weeks. CARFAX allowed me to narrow the field of available cars very … Read more

“Without CARFAX I would have purchased a bad car!”

I have been looking to buy a Mustang, so I bought the CARFAX 5 check package just to be safe. I found a 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 5-speed with an … Read more

CARFAX helped me find the right truck thanks to the recall information they provide.

Thanks to CARFAX I knew what to look for on recalls and problems with certain model trucks and SUV’s. One model specifically made me look under the vehicle to see … Read more

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