Running a CARFAX should be the first thing you do

Date posted: January 20, 2012

I was looking to buy a used Lexus ES350, and I had my top pick at a Lexus dealer to be inspected before I purchased it. The inspection went fine, so the final thing I did was run a CARFAX. Thank goodness I did!! The for sale ad on Auto Trader stated “no accidents,” but the CARFAX showed TWO accidents–one where this car had rear-ended another vehicle. I was literally minutes away from turning over a lot of money for a car that had been in several wrecks, but thanks to CARFAX, I waited.

I ultimately purchased a wonderful used Lexus, but I changed my strategy a bit–I found cars I liked and the FIRST thing I did was run the CARFAX on every one.

Thanks CARFAX!

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