The CARFAX mobile app saved me from buying a bad car.

Date posted: November 14, 2012

I was looking for a Honda Pilot SUV and I found a very good deal on one for sale by owner. The first thing I always do for most of my purchases from the owner is run a CARFAX before making the appointment to go and see it. This time, however, I didn’t, and I drove an hour to see the car just on the owner’s word that it was fine. That was a mistake I will never make again. When I got there, the car was clean and I liked it. I took a look at the title and was a little suspicious, even though the title was also clean. So I ran a CARFAX from my phone and discovered the car had a rebuilt title.

I want to thank CARFAX for saving me big time and for providing excellent details on every CARFAX Report I have gotten. I will never make any purchases without first getting a CARFAX. I recommend it to all of my friends and family, and we always feel confidence when purchasing a used vehicle.

-Jonathen V.

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