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My first car was a 1973 Ford Maverick, a hand-me-down that had been driven like a bumper car by my two older sisters when I got behind the wheel in 1980. – Brian

My first car was a Mustang and I paid for it myself. It was worth every penny! – Tammy

This really helped me find a great car. – Charity

I’ve never owned a car. – Kayce

My first car was a 1965 T-Bird. Against my father’s advice, I used the last of my money decided to paint it this sky-blue color that turned out hideous. I sure wish I’d listened to my dad. – John Billiris

My boyfriend loaned me the money for my first car, a $800 Mazda GLC. It was an ugly orange, but ran forever, and the only problem I ever had was when I let it run out of oil. Ouch. What a great car. – Kathleen Conner